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Pantheon of Altris

This pantheon of Gods are worshipped by most human and demi-human races. Groups that have immigrated from other locations may still worship their own gods, but none have managed to gain a foothold on this world. Non-human races each have their own gods or group of gods they worship.

Diety Sphere of Control Alignment Raiment Holy Days Sacrifice / Propitation Place of Worship
Head Body Colors Form Fequency
Ahr Magic LN Magic Weekly Temple Hall
Burgon Vengence CN Felt Cap Gray and red Sash Gray, Red Blood Monthly Shrine or Alter
Ceanfrea Love and Beauty NG Open Faced Helm Silver and Bronze Chain Silver and Bronze Burned spices Monthly Temple Hall
Dollama Saftey, Sacrifice LG Helm Platemail Silver, White Copper Coin Weekly Temple Hall
Dri Bloodlust CE Red stained helm Red stained platemail Gold, Red Blood Weekly Shrine
Envern Thieves N Black Mask Black Tunic Black, Gray Gold Coin Monthly Shrine
Fay-Sei Forgiveness NG Food Weekly Temple or Shrine
Gyu-Poi Duty, Loyalty LN copper coin Weekly Temple or Shrine
Iom The Dead LE Own hair Monthly Graveyard, Crypt, Temple or Shrine
Jungrin Hate NE Shrine
Lacnae Deception, Lies CE gem monthly Temple, Shrine
Laurits Spring, Life LG Bowl of water Daily Temple, shrine
Loveen Pain, Suffering LE Self-flagellation Weekly Temple, Shrine
Mundra Mining, Metal crafting CG metal or gem monthly Temple, shirne, cave
Nuvine Luck CN coin Weekly Temple, Shirne
Olurbri Rain, Storm CG Food Weekly Temple or Shrine
Osslla Fertility CG wheat weekly Temple or shirne
Palmir Books, Knowledge N parchment of research weekly Temple, shrine, library
Po Travel, Exploration CG plant or rock from local area weekly Temple, shrine, camp
Quesin Merchant, Trading CG
Ransi Death N
Ret Hate NE
Shea Moonlight CN
Svai Darkness NE
Talos Destruction CE
Tarafey Song, Dance NG
Theina Light LG Suede Leather Coif Chainmail Silver, Gold Black felt New Moon Temple
Thisu Burial Rites LG
Tracilleu Justice LN
Trengrue War, Battle LE
Unyis Bad Luck, Misfortune CE
Wai Poison NE
Welyenton Truth, Fate LN
Wimdrom Construction N
Xerfer Nature (Evil) NE
Yanbesto Ocean, Seas CN
Yallessi Cold, Winter NE
Zenfer Nature (Good) NG