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Master of the Dead, The Great Reanimator

Intermediate Power of the Nine Hells, LE

  • The Dead
  • Charmant
  • Ransi
  • Svai, Zerfer
  • Ahr, Laurits, Thisu
  • Kneeling human skeleton
  • Any non good

Iom is the son of Ransi and the brother of Thisu. Ransi, being of true neutrality allows his sons to interpret what death means to them and to act accordingly. Iom feels since his father has the soul of the passing creature, the husk that was left belongs to whoever wants to use it, and for any purpose they wish to use it for. This is in strict conflict to his brother, who believes the remains should be cared for as you would care for a living person. This difference in perspectives has sent these gods and their clergy to war on many occasions. The bickering will normally continue until Ransi grows tired of it, or the battle is sending to many new souls to him before their time.

Iom resides in Charmant, a domain of his own creation on Minauros (the 3rd plane of the Nine Hell). Zombies and skeletons roam the landscape and mock cities performing tasks ranging from building new cities to beating their heads on a wall. All of these undead do as they are commanded by Iom and never stop doing tasks.

Nearly each undead represents an undead controlled by one of his clergy, the more dead the clergy control, the more Iom has in his domain and the larger his domain becomes. On occasion Iom will send an army of his undead subjects out onto the swamps of Minauros looking for bodies of fallen extra planar travelers that he can animate and add to his armies.

Out of all the things Iom hates, the one thing he despises more than his brother, is free willed undead, or the dead that did not leave their bodies for whatever reason. He sees this as mortals attempting to mock him and influences his clergy to remove the soul from the body, so he can claim it.


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