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Goddess of Light

Greater Power of Lunia, Lawful-Good

  • Light
  • None
  • Altum Lucem
  • None
  • Laurtis, Dollama, Welyenton, Po
  • Svai, Lacnae, Envern
  • Golden torch with silver flames
  • Any non-Evil



  • 30
  • +7 Dex, +5 (precognition)
  • 35ft, fly 50ft - Perfect
  • 41
  • Str 24, Dex 25, Con 26, Int 25, Wis 21, Chr 25
  • Lawful-Good

Other Manifestations

The Church


Day-to-day activities

Holy Days / Important Cerimonies
Priest of Theina burn a small piece of black felt over a candle in prayer during a new or dark moon, this signifies their devotion to the fight against the darkness.

Major Centers of Worship

The largest temple is in the heart of Cani on the Korramuth continent. The temple complex covers nearly one quarter square mile are the city center. The second larges and the most visited temple is in the city of Marbot's market district.

Affiliated Orders

Grand Order of Theina's Light


Priestly Vestments

Gold and silver robes with a silver colif for young priests, gold colif for established priests and a silver and gold colif for high priests.

Adventuring Garb

Chianmail or platemail with a white surcoat with symbol on chest.


Paladins of Theina are the bringers of the light, (not to be confused with the Lightbringers order). They are generally the first to enter an area and establish the faith via a shrine or structure of worship. They will either convert a local and teach them the ways of Theina or wait for a cleric from a nearby temple to continue the work.

Because of their dedication to travel, paladins of Theina have earned the respect of Po and the god lends some aid to the paladins in good standing while they travel. Paladins gain full access to the travellers sphere, however the clerical spell Monster Mount is replaced by Steeds of Light.


Specialty Priests

  • Wisdom 14, Charisma 13
  • Wisdom
  • Lawful-Good
  • Any, perfered Mace
  • Chainmail or Platemail
  • All, Combat, Creation, Divination, Elemental (radiance), Guardian, Healing, Law, Protection, Sun
  • Astral, Charm, Elemental, Summoning, Thought, War, Wards, Weather
  • No Restrictions
  • None
  • None

Granted Abilities


1st level Spells

2nd level Spells

3rd level Spells

Torch of Healing (Alteration) Healing
8 hours
1 hour
20 foot radius of the torch

This spell creates a healing area around the torch which speeds up the healing process of all those within the area of effect. All those who remain in the area of effect for a full 8 hours will heal for d4+1 pints of damage per 2 levels of the caster. (at 4th level 3d4+3, 6th 4d4+4).

The material component of this spell is a torch and some blessed healing herbs.

Reveal from Darkness (Alteration) Divination
Sight Range of the Caster
1 round per level
1 round
30x30 foot cube

Creates a fairy fire effect one each hidden creature in the area of effect. The DC the caster needs to create the effect on someone hidden by magic is the level of the spell + the casters intelligence or Wisdom. The concealing spell is not cancelled and remains in effect, however a glow will form around the target reveling their general shape, but no details. Additionally the spell will cause the outline of stones, doorways and corners to glow showing the general outline of the room, hall or caves.

The material component of this spell is plant dye and a small candle (the glow is in the color of the dye.

4th level Spells

5th level Spells

6th level Spells

Steeds of Light (Conjuration) Travellers, Elemental (Radiance)
8 hours
1 round / Steed
1 Steed per 3 levels of the caster

This spell summons a steed of elemental light to serve the caster and his/her companions.

The material component for this spell is a crystal marble (one for each steed) with a continual light spell cast on them.

7th level Spells

8th level Spells