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The largest and most diverse landmass on Altris. The westerns side beyond the mountains is sealed off by some sort of magic, making it impossible to travel there.

The landmass is made up of five primary kindoms and empires (Unuche Empire, The Four Kingdoms, Rockmoc Clan, Kingdom of Eluellan and Lazshorma Empire) with thriving city states and smaller kingdoms throughout.

Unuche Empire

This empire resides in the north-east of the landmass and is inhabited mostly by humans. This empire is more technological advanced than any of the others. They shun magic, perfering clockworks and steam driven machines. This is also the eldest human empire in the world. More Info

The Four Kingdoms

Once part of the Unuche Empire, it broke away over sibling riveral. After the death of the king, the lower Unuche broke up into four separate kingdoms each ruled by one of the four sons of the king. After years of fueding, the kingdoms were finally reunited under one high king. The main population here is humans with some halfling villages. More Info

Kingdom of Eluellan

This is the empire of the Elder elves. It covers the entire northern forests up the the northen mountain range. They have constant border disputes with the Unuche Empire to the east. More Info

The Rockmoc Clan

High in the western mountains and the hills pass the western borders of Eluellan is the dwarven lands. Only some small farming communities reside on the surface, the rest of the cities and empire reside below the mountain. More Info

Lazshorma Empire

Mostly in chaos and disarray, this is the empire of lizardmen. Their empire collapsed hundreds of years ago and has mostly been reduced to small basically civilized pockets surrounded by more barbaric tribal groups. Some of the group factions still attempt to reunite the race, but most attempts have been met with utter failure. More Info