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Altris has a rich history that goes back over a 1000 years; problem is no one remembers it. Why? Much like our own history; being lost over the ages due to wars, propaganda and deliberate destruction, the same has happened here on this world.

Today there are several versions of the story each told from a different point of view and each starting at a different location in history. Matching them up would sound simple enough, however add in the additional problem of each using their own calendar making matching events with dates a monumental choir.

Another issue with the recorded history is it only covers the migrant races and not the indigenous ones. Prior to the first migrant records there is nothing written and sadly very little evidence remains to further explore through science or by spell.

What is known is the elder elves were the first migrants to the world; it is not clear however how they arrived or even why they came here. They set up communities and traded with local indigenous tribes of orcs and lizardmen. The dwarves came on the scene and joined the trade network.

There was some sort of disagreement and a war broke out between the orcs and a coalition of Lizardmen, elves and dwarves. After that war, humans appeared and fought against the lizardmen and elves. Humans appeared again later and fought against the orcs in the second orc war, then the dwarfs in the human-dwarf wars, then later defended against attacks from the lizardmen to establish themselves as a permanent addition to the world. Halflings were the last to arrive.

Some time ago, there was a large scale war that pulled in nearly every race and was fought on multiple continents. The details of this war are sketchy, but it is believe to have lasted for over a hundred years.

The elves and some human records tell about two dragon wars that were fought over the skies of both civilizations, though not many details were given.

Human records are divided up between four primary libraries and told from their own points of view, many are in major contrast to each other and spiteful tones can be read into each book about the others.

To get a clear picture of each history, you will need to consult each of the libraries.