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The world of Kalamire is the seventh planet from the star, and is claimed to have been magically altered by the lizardmen gods. The distance from the sun makes the world dimly lit; however, most of the planet is covered in marshes and swamps. The temperature remains in a constant range between 80 and 100 degrees despite its orbital path being largely elliptical. The world has three moons (Gubbamire, Sholamire and Zeinamire) with Sholamire being the largest and furthest. Gubbamire is the smallest and nearest, this produces a special event when the moons align. Sholamire is a bright white, when the moonrises its light is nearly stronger then the suns, Zeinamire has a greenish and yellow toxic atmosphere and Gubbamire is a dull red. When the moons align, this gives the appearance of a “great eye in the sky” and this is one of the inhabitants most holy days.

The inhabitants of Kalamire are primarily those you would find in marshes and swamps with a very large population of culturally, technology and magically advanced lizardmen, these are comparable to human cultures on Altris. The lizardmen armor and weapons are made from a metal only found on their world they call lassinium; this metal is highly resistant to corrosion and blades remain extremely sharp even after repeated use.

The planet has two salt water seas joined by a mile wide, 4 mile long channel and 6 giant fresh water lakes all joined by a large river. In The Sea of Rurass is a large landmass (about 1600 sq miles) covered mostly by desert, the temperatures here are about 5-10 degrees warmer than the rest of the world and is inhabited by a desert variety of lizardman.

World Stats
Circumference14,240 miles (22,917 km) Lowest Elevation-845 feet (-258 meters)
Est Humanoid Population117 Million Primary RacesLizardmen
Highest Elevaton:3,224 feet (983 meters)
Kalamire Map