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World Physics

All worlds in the Altris Crystal Sphere generally obey the same laws of physics as does our world in reality. This means what goes up generally comes back down, for every action there is an opposing reaction, can’t breathe under water and so on. So without the aid of magic or some other means, if it cannot be done in reality, then it more than likely cannot be done here, with some exception listed below.

Crystal Spheres

A crystal sphere holds a realm or solar system. All planets stars, comets, asteroids, and all other things in that realm are contained inside this sphere. The shell of the sphere is impossible to break, but there are portals that allow travelers to move outside the sphere into something called The Phlogiston. This is a highly volatile gas that exists between the crystal spheres.

Travel between planets

Travel between planets in the same crystal sphere is possible using air ships with magical propulsion. Leaving an atmosphere the ship provides the gravity needed to take an atmosphere with it that can sustain a crew for several days (depending on the size of the ship, and the size of the crew.) Falling or being thrown off a ship, the body’s gravity will also take air with it, though this will only last for about an hour, and unless the character has some sort of magical means of movement, he/she will drift until picked up by something or someone. These concepts can be found in the 2nd edition Advance Dungeons and Dragons Spelljammer rule set.

Planes of Existance

Our world resides in a plane of existence known as the Prime Material Plane. This prime plane is made up of four primary elements (earth, fire, water, air) and two energies (positive and negative). These elemental planes are called the inner planes, and the location where all of the merge is the prime material plane. The area between the primary elemental planes are called para-elemental planes, and those that border the energy planes are the quasi-elemental planes.

The Ethereal Plane

The space between the inner planes and the prime material plane is call the Ethereal Plane. This plane comes into direct contact with every point on the prime material plane and every point on all of the inner planes. It is through the ethereal plane that people can travel to the inner planes.

The ethereal plane is broken down into the deep ethereal and the border ethereal. The border ethereal is what comes into contact with all the planes it borders. The deep ethereal is a vast emptiness with small pocket planes throughout, including what is known as demi-planes.

The Demi-Planes

The Demi-planes are small pocket planes that float in the deep ethereal and whose energy influence and alter the prime material plane.

demi-plane of Shadow

The energy that crates and is shadows resides here in a place of near twilight.

demi-plane of Time

Allows for the passing of one moment to the next, this planes energy regulates the speed at which time passes.

Demi-plane of Magic

Allows the use of magic across all planes, this energy moves across and absorbs energy form other planes allowing spell casters to create and wield powerful spells.

Demi-plane of Imprisonment

Eons ago, there were two groups of powers, those of light and those of darkness. The powers of darkness wanted to return the universe to its dark and lifeless form, but they were stopped and imprisoned in a pocket plane for all eternity. This demi-plane is also known and the demi-plane of dread or Ravenloft.

The Astral Plane

The astral plane allows access to the outer planes and it, like the ethereal plane touches every point on the prime material plane. However the ethereal and the astral never come into contact with each other. Therefore in order to travel from one to the other, one must pass into the prime material plane first. Considering that the astral does not touch the ethereal, this means the astral has no access to the elemental planes. All materail things in the astral plane are made of the astral plane itself. When a traveller wishes to travel to the astral or even the outer planes, he/she will leave their physical body behind and spiritally travel through the astral. Once the traveller has found access to an outer plane, and a new body is created from materials from that plane.

Outer Planes

Images and primary concepts from Manual of the Planes by Jeff Grubb © 1987 TSR