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Dwarves are not as common as some of the other races in the world. Many choose to remain with their clans and not venture out into the world. There are some however who enjoy the fighting and travelling. Adventurers that retire will often return to their clans, preferring to live out their old age among their own people. Dwarves can be of nearly any class except magic-users. Dwarves are highly resistant to magic and therefore have an extremely hard time casting arcane magic. This includes the use of magical items other than the combat and defense bonuses of weapons and armor. Items created by clerical magic of dwarven priests are usable by any dwarf. Dwarves prefer to be fighters.

Dwarven relations with other races


Only the deep dwarves have no relations with humans, actually very few deep dwarves have ever seen a human. The others are on fair terms and seek out human settlements for trading their wares.


Most dwarves and elves get along considering both have a history of defeating invading armies together. Dwarves do find the elves to be pompous at times but respects their combat abilities.


Like other races do, when a halfling walks into a room people grab their purses. Dwarves are the same, a rarely trust a halfling anywhere near their wares unsupervised.


Half-Elves are treated as they do elves or humans.

Off-World Dwarves

By knowing that all dwarves on this world came from another, on-world dwarves will sometimes chat up the off-world dwarves and compare customs and crafting techniques.


Dwarves are not too fond of Half-orcs and consider them all barbarians.

Racial Bonus's

Sub Race Ability Score Adjustment
Ash -- +1 -- +1 -- -1
Deep +1 -- +1 -- -- -2
Mountain +1 +1 -- -- -- -1
Blue -- -- -- -- -- --


Most people from other lands confuse the Ash Dwarf with a Duergar, and actually they would be correct. At one time these dwarves were in the service of evil. When they arrived on this world, they were over joyed being free from slavery many set out to make a better life. Some however did follow the older ways and went deep underground and continued the Duergar lifestyle. The surface Ash dwarves are divided into two primary peaceful sects, the surface and the subterranean. The surface ash dwarves live in small communities farming and crafting, however there are a large group called urbanites, these seek out and live in large cities. The subterranean dwarves continue many of the older dwarven traditions of mining, crafting and fighting. Ash dwarves other than the Urbanites appear as normal dwarves 4-41/2 feet tall, extremely stocky and beards all around. Urbanites on the other hand, shave their beards. The females remain clean shaven, use makeup, perfumes and scented soaps. Both the males and females are always clean and clean smelling; there clothing is nearly always what is in the latest styles. They look down on other dwarves thinking them as being "unevolved". The most outlandish and foppish dwarves can be found in the Unuche Empire.


Deep dwarves reside deep underground and are very rarely ever seen on the surface. Those who do travel to the surface are either outcasts or on some mission. These dwarves are the same height as others but are more slender of build. Both males and females have beards. The females prefer to maintain their beards at or near the waist line and are well groomed. The men prefer shorter beards barely falling below the shoulders. Their skin is a bronze color with hair in various shades of red and blonde. Deep dwarves have ultravision able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, giving them nearly normal vision in the dark. Several of their cleric spells produce light in the ultraviolet spectrum, allowing them to see in what others may believe to be completely dark. On the surface in the day, a deep dwarf would be nearly blind, unable to see anything but a powerful white light. It would take years of conditioning before a deep dwarf could see on the surface. Even at night, the moonlight would be to strong and a deep dwarf would have to shade their eyes against it. Deep dwarves gain all the PHB abilities for dwarves.


Mountain dwarves spend more time underground than they do on the surface, mostly only travelling to the surface to trade or to hunt. Mountain dwarf strongholds are carved into a mountain side, were the proper city is. Deeper are the mines and some other living quarters. A Mountain dwarf stronghold is always busy, pounding, smelting and trading ores that have just recently been mined. Mountain dwarves are taller than the others, measuring 4 ½ to 5 feet in height and averaging at 140 pounds for males and 160 pounds for the females. The mountain dwarves have a full range of hair and eye colors. Mountain dwarves have all the standard benefits from the PHB with an additional +1 ac verses giants. Mountain dwarves consider giant hunting a sport.

Benefits of Age

Dwarven age benefits apply to dwarves that remain close to their clan structure and society. These benefits are generally related to dwarven activity within the clan, such as excavating tunnels, mining ore, smelting ore, crafting weapons and armor. Additionally benefits are applied to fighting skills, if the dwarf has any. So for every 30 years a dwarf spends with his clan he gains one of the following benefits;

  • +1 attack verse enemy **
  • +1 AC verse enemy **
  • Proficient Miner - Able to dig one extra yard per day
  • Proficient Prospector - Increase ability to locate precious minerals (+5 to Mine products roll)
  • Speedy Smith - Able to complete smithy projects in 10% less time
** Choose only one enemy type, must be common to the region. You can only take this bonus verses the same enemy twice.

History and Lore

Dwarven history is difficult to follow, especially deep dwarves. The dwarves, being underground, have little to remind them of the passage of time. So events tend to be group together around something familiar. These events can include the reigning king, the life of a mine, and the length of a mineral vain or a lengthy war. To an outsider, it becomes nearly impossible to discern which events came before which. To make matters even worse, what other races may believe is significant event in history, a dwarf may not. So a large number of years can go by without anything being recorded.

It is assumed that the Deep Dwarven sub-race arrived on planet first. According to lore, the deep dwarves were happily mining away following a rich vain. The vain moved to far away from the main city so camps were set up along the way. The dwarves busted through into a large cavern where several mineral vanes ran through the walls. Most of the clan moved into the cavern to mine the minerals. With carts loaded with smelted ores and crafted wares, the dwarves proceeded to return to their city. Part way back through the tunnel the way was blocked. It had not been a cave in, there were no signs, and it just appeared as if the tunnel just stopped. The dug through for several miles, but never could find the original tunnel. The dwarves continued with their lives tunneling away, mining building their new city and crafting wares. Eventually the Mountain Dwarves of the Stronghold of Rochmoc tunneled their way down and found the deep dwarves.

The mountain dwarves came to this world on spelljammers. The lands they came from were low in minerals and high in population; human and elves. The dwarves were not able to open a new mine without some human or elf claiming it was done on their land. The entire clan put the last of their resources into purchasing enough vessels to carry the entire clan to another world. Not being spacefaring folk, the dwarves ended up lost until they finally found themselves here. They landed in the hardiest of mountain ranges they could fine and claimed it for themselves.

The ash dwarves came here as part of a large expedition led by a demon queen. These dwarves were her slave army nearly 4000 strong. Something went amiss when a gate was opened and the dwarves were sent forth to slaughter. They emerged on an open plain with nothing and no one around. When they looked to the sky and saw one more moon then their planet had, they smiled. When the gate closed behind them, they cheered and dropped their weapons and armor.